Sunday 25 August 2013

Machine Building 4...on the other hand

Although it's been quite some time since my last post, I've still been busy with building Machines.

Having completed everything related to the Dan Robinson Snr Tribute Machines, it was now time to get back onto completing the Batch 4 orders.
And amongst those orders there were several requests for Left Handed Machines.

It always pays to plan ahead:
From the very beginning, I'd deliberately designed my Frames so they could be built Right or Left Handed.
Designing everything in CAD with tangs to accurately locate components within each other makes assembly easier, but the real bonus is each component can now be the opposite way, making a Left Handed Frame.

So having already planned ahead for just such a request, I proceeded to make the "Jolly Lefties".
The following photos show some of these completed Jolly Leftie Machines.

These two Jolly Lefties were ordered as Thin Armature Liner & Magnum, both to suit 3.5mm Audio plug.

Another view of the Jolly Leftie Thin Armature Liner. 

Another view of the Jolly Leftie Thin Armature Magnum. 

And yet another Jolly Leftie Thin Armature Magnum, this one to suit Clip Cord.


  1. Rad bro. Live the look and craftsmanship of these. Watched a vid by you. Those jeweller days have sculptures a mean machine

    1. Redgie, Thanks for your interest & kind words, it's much appreciated.