Thursday 13 March 2014

Modding an InkJecta...3.5mm Audio Connection

Following on from my previous post, my new InkJecta Rotary would need some "modding".

3.5mm Audio Plug to suit InkJecta Rotary
I've personally never liked the standard Clipcord or RCA connections for use on my own Machines, instead I use a 3.5mm Audio Connection.
The 3.5mm Plug provides a really firm, solid connection & that's why I've used it on all my Machines since 1989.

Unfortunately this style of Plug connection usually isn't available as an option when purchasing Machines.
That typically means you'll need to fit the 3.5mm Socket yourself...
...sometimes it's easy & sometimes it takes a bit more thought...

So having received my InkJecta Rotary from Chris Cashmore, I set about creating a clean & tidy way to adapt the 3.5mm Socket onto it.

So here's the final result.

3.5mm Socket all fitted & it almost looks like a standard option.

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