Monday 21 November 2011

Ordering Machines...if you're interested

For those of you interested in owning one of my Machines, then here's what you'll need to do.

Please send me an email that states which Machine type that you're wanting...

  • Liner - Heavy Armature
  • Round Shader/Color - Heavy Armature
  • Magnum Shader/Color - Heavy Armature
I'll then send you a reply email to confirm your Order & clarify any details I might require.
This reply email will also state the cost of the Machine as well as the Postage & Insurance costs.
All Orders will have an Invoice supplied & payments can be made via PayPal

Important - Please Note: 
Because each Machine being ordered is totally handmade, tested, tuned & then run-in, all of which means...

  • no two Machines will be identical, only similar looking.
  • there is NO STOCK being made or kept of these Machines. 

For those of you that have already sent emails placing Orders.
Be assured that I'm presently working on those Machines & should have them ready for the New Year.

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