Thursday 26 January 2012

Machines for 2012...the first batch

Time just seems to be flying past here's my first posting for the year 2012

Spent my break between Christmas & New Years building Frames for the various Machine Orders.
Everything is totally handmade using nothing more than a bench vice, hacksaw, hand files, Oxy-Acetylene torch, Pedestal Drill & a Linisher.

Managed to get all the Frames completed, although I'd of liked to have been further along in the process.
These Frames will be painted with exactly the same Clear coating as used on the Lucky Museum Machine.
After that, the next process will be assembly & hand making a set of Springs to suit each individual Machine.

Here's some photos showing the Frames assigned to containers holding the various parts for each Order.
Each Frame is engraved with it's own code number which you'll see in some of the photos.
This code number helps me to keep track of which handmade part suits what Frame & who's Order it is.
An example is the photo with all the Quickchange Clamps, each with a number related back to a Frame.

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