Wednesday 29 February 2012

Machines for 2012...some questions

After the previous post, I had a number of you asking about that Machine off to the right side, in the last photo.

A number of questions regarding to this particular Machine

So for those of you that have already asked, here's a closer view of that particular Machine.

The "Tester"

The story behind this particular Machine is that it's been built as a "Tester".
Jimmy Whitlock of Luckys Tattoo Supply, very kindly sent me a set of his Lucky Coils to test run & compare against the Coils that I'm presently using.

Always compare Apples with Apples:
So to conduct a fair test, I've deliberately built this Machine as a Thin Armature Liner to directly compare it against a number of Thin Armature Liners that are within the current Machine Orders.

This Tester Machine has just started being fine tuned & run-in, but even at this early stage, these Lucky Coils are very impressive.

And for those wanting to send me an email...this Tester Machine is NOT FOR SALE

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