Friday 9 March 2012

Machines for 2012...tune & run-in

All of these Machines are now ready for their final stage...the fine tuning & the running in.

My preferred way of tuning & running-in:
As previous mentioned with the Luckys Museum "Hugo" Machine, I have my own preferred way for testing & tuning Machines.

All of the running-in for these Machines is very kindly being done by the guys at Eternal Ink in Berwick, so once again I give a really Big Thanks to them.

Currently the aim is to get a minimum of 5 Hrs of "tattooing time" clocked up on each individual Machine.
A number of different Needle patterns will be used, so as to put each of the Machines through it's paces.
They'll also be applied to a variety of different work styles, including Tribal, Solid Color, Realistic Black / Wash.

With this batch of Machines containing Orders for both Liners & Magnums, it has allowed the guys the option of using 1 x large Tattoo to be able to run-in  2 x Machines.
This has resulted in several Machines having already clocked up a good number of Hrs & so they'll shortly be off to their "new homes".

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