Saturday 8 December 2012

Remembering Aussie Legends...Robbo's last model

Following on from my last post, here's more info about Machines built by our own Aussie Tattoo Legends.

Dan Robinson Snr is known to many across Australia & the world as either Danny or simply "Robbo".

Over the years, he designed & built a number of Frames, in a variety of different styles & materials.
The early 90's saw Dan's very last Frame style, which were all sand cast in what's known as "Gunmetal".
Dan liked his Machines to have some weight, so this choice of Gunmetal helped with that.

The casting for these Frames was done by a small Foundry located just down the road from his then Studio, Highline Tattooing, which is located near St. Kilda Junction.
This same small Foundry was also casting those "Logie" Frames from my previous post.

Dan would do all the work himself on these rough castings, the clean up, drilling, taping & their polishing.
Once all the stages were completed, the Frames were sent off to be chrome plated.
As with all of Dan's Frames, this was specifically designed & built as a Thin Armature Machine.

I recently had the opportunity to grab some photos of one of these old Robbo "Gunmetal" Frames.
This particular Frame belongs to Graeme Iles & my Thanks goes to him for allowing this opportunity.

In my personal opinion, this particular style Robbo Frame, would have to be his most iconic.

Commonly known as the Robbo "Gunmetal" Frame.
Designed & built by Dan (Robbo) Robinson Snr, early 90's

Inside view of the Robbo "Gunmetal" Frame.
Designed & built by Dan (Robbo) Robinson Snr, early 90's

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