Sunday 10 March 2013

Remembering Aussie Legends...Tribute Machines

There's the old saying that goes, "actions speak louder than words"...

So rather than just write "words" to remember our own Aussie Tattoo Legends, I decided to take "action" & build what's now being referred to as a "Tribute Machine".

For me it seemed a fairly simple choice...a Dan Robinson Snr Tribute Machine.

  • Dan is a great Tattoo Artist who's had a huge influence on Aussie Tattooing, as well as having built & sold his own Machines.
  • Dan's career spans from 1959, through the 60's, 70's, 80's, till mid 90's & then part-time until 2001.
  • Dan introduced the (then new for Aussies) safe pigment colors of Brown, Blue & White into the Aussie Tattooing scene during the early 60's.
  • Dan was one of those early converters to the (then new for Aussies) "DC" powered Machines during the early 70's.
  • Dan used, built & supplied the "Hybrid" Thin Armature DC Machines from the early 70's until the late 90's.
  • Dan was the first Aussie Tattoo Artist to introduce us to the (then new for Aussies) "Japanese" style of designs during the early 70's.
  • Dan was one of the founding Members of the P.T.A.A. (Professional Tattooing Association of Australia) in the early 80's.
  • Dan became President of the P.T.A.A. in the mid 80's.
  • Dan became one of the first "Life Members" of the P.T.A.A. in the mid 90's.

Dan Robinson Snr
Dan Robinson Snr

Dan & his wife Wendy are retired to a country property surrounded by acres of bushland & native wildlife.
Dan recently celebrated his 70th Birthday with family & friends.

Dan & Wendy Robinson

More info about the Dan Robinson Snr Tribute Machines to follow soon...

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