Monday 25 March 2013

Dan Robinson Snr Tribute Machines...production

Following on from my previous post, here's more info about the Dan Robinson Snr Tribute Machines.

It was now mid January 2013
The prototype Frames where complete & without any major problems being encountered.
Now it was time to start building the actual Tribute Machines that would be for sale.

In consultation with Dan, it was decided upon 12 x Tribute Machines would be built & sold each year.

  • They would all be built with Thin Armature (to suit Grommets & Nipples)
  • They would all be built as Liners
  • They would all be numbered

The P.T.A.A. National Convention was being held in Perth, in the first week of May 2013.
It was decided this would be the "official" launch for the Tribute Machines because of Dan's long history with the P.T.A.A.

So all the various components for the build were ordered, which started with the Frame components.
Here's a photo of them straight from ACT Laser Cutting.

All the necessary Frame components for the 12 x Tribute Machines.

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