Thursday 21 March 2013

Dan Robinson Snr Tribute Machines...the prototypes 2

Following on from my previous post, here's more info about the Dan Robinson Snr Tribute Machines.

You build prototypes for a test & check that everything is true & correct.
Read on & find out why I was lucky...

Lucky there's four prototype Frames:
With the first of the prototype Frames now welded, brazed, filed & linished, the other three were completed to the same stage.

Strangely enough, the positioning for the Signature Stamp had never been discussed in any detail.
I'd seen one of Dan's Gunmetal Machines stamped "ROBBO 3" at Brett Stewart's Australian Tattoo Museum.

One of Dan's original Gunmetal Machines that's stamped "ROBBO 3"

For whatever reason, I'd just assumed this would be where the new Signature Stamp would also go.
So I naturally went ahead & stamped the first prototype Frame in this same position.

The Signature Stamp on the very first prototype Frame

The Signature Stamp on the very first prototype Frame

I then emailed these same photos onto Dan & found out that he didn't want the stamp to be there.
Dan wanted the Signature Stamp to be located on the Side Plate section of the Frame.

That's OK, no problems...this is precisely why you build a number of prototypes.

So I stamped the second prototype Frame in what I believed was the new location...

The Signature Stamp on the second prototype Frame

Again I emailed this same photo onto Dan & found out that this wasn't where it should be either.
Dan wanted the Signature Stamp to be located on the lower section of the Side Plate, back towards the Spring Landing.

So I stamped the third prototype Frame & finally had it in the correct location...

The Signature Stamp positioned correctly on the third prototype Frame

And here's how that third prototype Frame looks with the Black Oxide treatment.

The third prototype Frame with Signature Stamp & now sporting Black Oxide finish. 


  1. vice grip upgrade would be a plus

  2. Thanks for your comment Jed.

    If I was building a Yank styled Machine, then a vice grip clamp might suit...
    Note that I'm building "Aussie" Tribute Machines...not American
    Dan didn't use that style of clamp nor did he want it used on these Machines.