Tuesday 12 March 2013

Dan Robinson Snr Tribute Machines...the beginning

Following on from my previous post, here's more info about the Dan Robinson Snr Tribute Machines.

Back in mid 2012, while catching up with Dan, I floated the idea about building a "Robbo Machine" that would only have Thin Armature, as a kind of "tribute" to him.
They'd be built by Colin Creed, on behalf of Dan Robinson & to his specifications.
Dan agreed to let me "explore" the idea further & to show him what I came up with.
And so it began...

Where to begin?
I needed to be able to build these Tribute Machines in the same way that I build the Jolly's, using all of the same tooling & processes I currently have available to me.
So the first stage was to decide upon a Frame style & proceed from there.
In my mind, the logical choice for a Frame style was Dan's last model & most iconic, the "Gunmetal" Frame.

Next I used MoI to create a CAD version of the Frame using the same process I've previously written about here.
With the Frame now modelled in CAD, I then recreated each of the components used within a Machine, so that I could do a full 3D photo realistic Render.
The purpose for these Renders was so Dan could clearly see how the Machine would look, all finished in real life.
This would also allow him to suggest any changes he'd like to make, prior to anything actually existing.

Dan liked what he saw, so it was agreed that I move forward by creating a number of prototypes.

Here's a couple of those same Renders I presented to Dan for his approval.

Render created for the Dan Robinson Snr Tribute Machine. 

Render created for the Dan Robinson Snr Tribute Machine.

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