Thursday 25 April 2013

Dan Robinson Snr Tribute Machines...production 2

Following on from my previous posts, here's more info about the Dan Robinson Snr Tribute Machines.

From mid January 2013 until late April 2013
During discussions on how I intended to build the Machines, my wife Marie suggested it should all be documented or recorded in some way.
With precious little info about anything regarding Aussie Tattooing, it seemed like a good idea.

Chris Reid was the obvious choice to do this doco, being that he's a Tattoo Artist & Filmmaker, plus we've known each other since the very early 80's.
For Chris, this presented him with the perfect opportunity to finish a doco he'd started on Dan Robinson Snr several years ago.
So with Chris now on board, it was "Full Steam Ahead"...

The following photos are courtesy of Chris Reid aka CRTAT-2 FILMS & capture some of the various processes these 12 x Tribute Machines went through.

This last photo is of Dan inspecting one of the 4 x prototypes which we'd just finished tuning.

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