Sunday 12 June 2011

My Old Machines...the backup ones

Here's some more of what I'd built & these are what I've been referring to as my "backup" Machines.

Continuing with the photo collection:

You'll notice that some of these Machines are all nicely Chrome plated & appear finished, while others are still in a rough state of bare metal.
That's because the ones in bare metal were still being fine tuned or having their Frames tweaked so as to match their everyday equivalent.

Once a backup Machine performed constantly as good as the everyday Machine, the backup was measured, stripped down, polished & sent off to be Chrome plated.
When it returned, that backup Machine would be reassembled, paying close attention to all those measurements that were taken earlier.
When the backup Machine was all assembled, it would be tuned to how it ran prior to the strip down.
This is the same procedure that's previously been described in the post on building the Magnum Machine.

This was my backup Liner.
I built it at the time when the old Australian $5.00 paper note was replaced with it's polymer version.
A flyer was released to show how the new polymer note looked, so I used one for my Coil Covers.
Basically I copied the idea from a US Tattoo Supplier who had Coils with US $100.00 note on them... was a novel idea & so just thought I'd do my own Aussie version of it.

This was my backup Shader (now it would be referred to as a Magnum) 
It was just one in a number of backup Shaders that I was building at the time...
...after all, you could never have too many of them!!
This Frame was given to me with it's Tube Clamp section broken off & the Side Arm missing... with a bit of work & knowledge, I managed to resurrect it.

This was my backup Round Shader & it worked well as a Magnum too.
Notice that this one has Chrome plating.
This Frame was also given to me with it's Tube Clamp section removed... again with a bit of work, I managed to resurrect it.

Stay tuned for more of the Old Machines in the next post...

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