Monday 14 May 2012

Machine phase "Testers"

Lots been happening, so my apologies in advance for this being such a looong post.

Continuing with the new phase:
I've been working on those new smarter Fames so that I can get them up & running as a set of "Testers".
I figured that 4 x Frames should be enough to test & make sure that everything goes together & works well.

Choose any color, as long as it's Black:
I also decided to try out a new coating using these particular's a Black Oxide finish.
This Black Oxide is a special treatment that only colors ferrous metals, in this case the steel Frames.
And all the welded seams show up as gold because I'm using Bronze, which is a non-ferrous metal.

The Testers will then go to Eternal Ink to be used daily & confirm that everything works as expected.
Once proven, this new style Frame will then replace those earlier "Hugo" Frames that I was making.
And all going well, this new Black Oxide will also replace that Clear coating used previously.

Here's a collection of photos showing the progression of these new Frames into Machines & into Testers.

Frames welded & now awaiting their Quickchanges
Frames fitted with Quickchanges & the new Black Oxide finish
Close up of Frame with Black Oxide finish & the Bronze weld seams
Next the assembly is started, Coils fitted & awaiting wiring

This Frame fitted with a set of Lucky Coils

Coils wired, Capacitors fitted & everything soldered

This Frame fitted with a set of Lucky Coils

Springs & Armatures for 3 x Frames
A special Tester, a Thin Armature Magnum...real Aussie Old School
This Tester, a Big Needle Liner
This Tester with the Lucky Coils, a Thin Armature Liner to directly compare against this one

There's still a bit of work to do on these still needs a set of Springs made for it & then they'll each require some shimming & tuning.
It'll be very interesting to directly compare just how close the two Machines fitted with Lucky Coils will run.

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