Tuesday 29 May 2012

Machine Building...comparing the "Testers"

I mentioned at the end of my last post...
"It'll be very interesting to directly compare just how close the two Machines fitted with Lucky Coils will run."

Well, I asked Justin from Eternal Ink to run some direct comparisons between both Machines...
...the Hugo Lucky Coil Tester & the new Lucky Coil Tester.

The two Thin Armature Machines that are fitted with Lucky Coils, sitting side by side.

Justin has run the Hugo Lucky Coil Tester for quite some time now & is really impressed with it...
Check out some of Justin's work using the "Hugo" Liner here & also here.
He's so impressed with this Thin Armature Machine that he hates having to give it back to me!

So what was the verdict from Justin of this new Lucky Coil Tester..?
..."It's pretty close, you can hardly tell any difference between them."

With that confirmation from Justin, I'll now move onto building all the new Orders using this Frame style.

The Hugo Lucky Coil Tester

The new Lucky Coil Tester


  1. hi my dear friend colin creed Mentor and role model With your good advice I built a life
    the machines looks built really professional and a lot of thought and experience,I see the work and it makes me very proud my dear brother colin
    the frame the Lucky Coils everything-work of art keep on the good work & all the best in the world
    shelly mishaly

  2. Hi Shelly, Thanks for your very kind words.