Tuesday 1 May 2012

Old Tattoo Video...Signatures of the Soul

I follow a number of Tattoo related Blogs...TAM (Tattoo Artists Magazine) is one of them.
TAM just posted about an old video documentary from 1984 called Signatures of the Soul.

From an old Aussie Tattoo Artist perspective:
By 1984, most Aussies had a variety of US Tattoo Magazines available on our local Newsagents shelves.
As young Tattoo Artists, we were all hungry to see what was the latest trends coming out of the States.
All too often, these US Magazines had the same collection of photos of pretty much the same stuff.

So when this video Signatures of the Soul came along, it was a treasure trove of wonderful new ideas for us.
It also had interviews with all those big named Tattoo Artists we'd been constantly reading about.
Most importantly, it had great info about ALL the (then) current styles we were wanting to do or just seeing.
I still have a copy of this (VHS) video & have often wanted access to an updated digital version to watch.

Thanks to NZ On Screen, now everyone can freely watch the full length video.

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