Saturday 16 June 2012

Machine Building 2...what name for a Frame?

Although it's not critical, it'd be nice to come up with a better name for these new Frames than "new style"!

My original Machines were based on a Bulldog Frame & so I named them after my then recently departed & much loved Aussie Bulldog... "Hugo" ...a simple word association!
...of course this all makes perfect sense if you're Aussie or happen to understand our humour!

What's in the name of a Frame:
Given that these new Frames are my "pirated" version of a Paul Rogers "J" Frame, it follows that the best name for them would be "Jolly" in the Jolly Roger used by Pirates...
...again some word associations & a good dose of Aussie humour!!

So there you have it...from here on the new style Machines will be simply known as the "Jolly".

Side view of the "Jolly" Frame
Front view of the "Jolly" Machine

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