Friday 22 June 2012

Machine Building2...let the Frames begin!

I've been busily working on the current Orders (Batch 2) for the newly named "Jolly" Machines.
In Batch 2 there's a total of 12 x Machines to be made & they're now well under way.

At present all of these Frames have had their welding & brazing process done.
Then each of those brazed sections is hand filed to remove any excess braze, of which I've currently completed 6 x Frames.

My intention was to take photos of them during each phase of the construction, but unfortunately I've gotten caught up with the actual building, rather than stopping to take photos.
I'll try my best to remember to take more photos when doing the next process.

Here's some photos of how they're looking so far...

All the Frames for Batch 2 are well under way.

Closer view of those welded & brazed Frames.

Closer view of  those filed & cleaned up Frames.

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