Friday 6 July 2012

Machine Building2...file, drill, tap

There were 6 x Frames left over that still needed to be cleaned up after being welded & brazed... here's that process with accompanying photos.
Each of the Frames is individually filed as part of the clean up process.
In this photo, the last Frame is waiting to be filed.
A closer view of those Frames.

This is part of that whole idea of "work smarter, not harder"
After the last of the 6 x Frames was finished being cleaned up, the next process is to set up for the drilling of the Quickchange.
Because all the Frames are now being laser cut, everything is identical & accurate, so all their holes are in exactly the same spot.
Knowing each Frame would correctly line up in the same position each time, meant I was able to design myself a Jig to hold the Frames, whilst drilling the hole for their Quickchange.

Next comes the drilling to give the Frames their Quickchange.
I've made things easier for myself by building a Jig to suit.
Another view of the Frame set up into the Jig for drilling the Quickchange.

After all 12 of the Frames were drilled, the next process was to tap those holes to suit a threaded stud.
I'm using the exact same thread type as found on any standard American made Machines...
...that is 8-32 UNC
I've deliberately chosen 8-32 UNC in an effort to keep things uniform for anyone buying my Machines.
There's nothing more frustrating than reaching for the Allen Key that fits everything else & finding it wont..!

Each of those drilled holes needs to be tapped.

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