Saturday 14 July 2012

Machine Building2...linish, ream, stamp

Next on the agenda was to now linish all of the edges & surfaces of the Frames.
I'm using a special Scotchbrite Belt to remove all the various file marks & give the Frames a nice satin finish.

Frames laid out in preparation for their linishing.

Frames on the left & the Scothbrite Belt all set up & ready to go

Another view of that Scothbrite Belt used for linishing.

And so the linishing of the Frames begins. 

Closer view of the freshly linished Frames.

After all of the linishing is completed, I then go through & individually hand ream all the Tube holes.
This helps to ensure that both 5/16" & 8mm Tubes (of good quality) will fit correctly into my Machines.

To ensure a nice fit for Tubes, each Frame is individually hand reamed.

I then go through & double check everything is square & aligned correctly.
Once I'm sure that each Frame is OK, I then individually stamp them C.CREED 2012

Frame in position ready for it's stamping.

Apologies for slightly out of focus shot...but the stamp was good.

12 x Frames all completed & stamped.

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