Friday 27 July 2012

Machine Building2...components into sub-assemblies

Thursday's are now my day off, so here's what I've managed to get done...

Components into Sub-Assemblies:
As with anything mechanical, a Tattoo Machine contains various components that when coupled together, they'll form a sub-assembly... this case these's two sets of sub-assemblies that will each form a Top & Bottom Binding Post.

On a standard DC Coil Machine, both of these Binding Posts are for the (+) Positive connection & so will have some form of Insulators to stop any short circuiting to the Frame which is the (-) Negative connection.
Top Binding Posts are obviously at the "top" of the Machine & contain the Contact Screw, which in my case are always made of Sterling Silver.
Bottom Binding Posts are typically positioned at the bottom of a Frame & is where the Clip Cord will go.

I like to have them all assembled & ready to go when I start the final assembly into a complete Machine.

And that same basic principle also applies to the Springs...
...Top Spring, Back Spring & the Armature when put together form another sub-assembly.
So here's a couple of photos showing the Spring sets being marked out & cut.

Lots of sub-assemblies...Frames, Binding Posts & Springs.

Top & Back Springs all cut, their holes punched & all sharp edges linished smooth.


  1. Hey Dude! Need to save a blank for me.. want to give this a shot :)

  2. Hi Chris, don't worry, already thought about it...
    Been considering a fully engraved Frame as maybe a "Special" or possibly do a few Machines as "Limited Editions".
    Unfortunately there's more involved with doing this than just getting the Frame "engraved", but I'm working on that.