Sunday 24 April 2011

Lost photos from long ago...

Whilst having a tidy up, I stumbled onto on old box with some old Tattoo photos...
...these were all taken 20+ years ago!!

Hawaii photos are from the trip Steve Paul & myself made in 1991.
We managed to catch up with Ed Hardy just hours before he flew out to his (then) just opened Tattoo Studio in Japan.

Next we headed off to the famous China Sea Tattoo Studio to catch up with Mike Malone (Rollo) & Scott Sterling. (Mike arrived later & I forgot all about taking photos!)

We'd also arranged to meet up with Lance McLain there too.

Scott gave Steve a small tattoo as a souvenir to take home.

That Studio is really tiny, it's only about 3 x doors wide!!
There's so much Tattoo History contained within those walls...a truly amazing place!!

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