Tuesday 26 April 2011

Rockabilly Bling Jewellery

Here's a shameless plug for my good friend Jacquie's new business & website, Rockabilly Bling.

This artwork is also being used for Business Cards, Stickers & other promotional items.

Some background info on this artwork:
Jacquie was after a certain style & look for her logo, an "Old School Tattoo" look, but nothing that was going to be directly copied or lifted straight from a design sheet by Sailor Jerry.
So the logo had to be original, an authentic old feel to it & maybe just a touch of modern flare within it as well.

Knowing that I'd previously been a Tattoo Artist, Jacquie stopped by to ask for my thoughts or advice with the designing of her logo.
I thought I may be able to help out with roughs that could be used by someone else to create the finished art...
...remember that I've not done anything remotely like Tattoo Art in a very, very long time!!

So did a rough pencil sketch to show my concept, scanned it & sent it off via an email.
Jacquie loved the concept, but was unsure of what colors, etc might be use with it?

I'd recently bought ArtRage Studio, so figured I'd try learning it as well as give Jacquie an idea of what colors would work.
I'm guessing that doing Tattoo Art after a long break is much like riding a bike...you never really forget it.

Totally amazed at how easy it was to create similar effects on computer to how I used to do it on paper.
It's a brilliant little program & one that every Tattoo Artist should have, even those just starting out.

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