Sunday 24 April 2011

Lost photos from long ago...a Tattooing Xmas

So what does a Xmas Party with a bunch of  Melbourne's Tattoo Artists look like?
Well this was what the 1990 one looked like...
...a gathering of (at that time) Melbourne's Tattoo Artists & one from Israel
If memory serves me right, Jed Hill is also there, but he's behind the camera taking all these shots.

Shelly & Colin
Shelly & Nutz Robinson
Graeme Iles
Neale Cheatham
Dan Robinson Snr & Patsy Farrow
Shelly & Beans
Shelly & new friends


  1. have you still got these in a larger format col??

  2. Hi Jed, good to hear from you.
    I'm pretty sure I kept a copy of them in a larger format...
    ...if not then I'll rescan them for you.