Sunday 24 April 2011

Lost photos from long ago...again

Whilst having a tidy up, I stumbled onto on old box with some old Tattoo photos...
...these were all taken 20+ years ago!!

Here's a photo that Shelly had sent to me of him tattooing.
I'm guessing this would of been from around 1991 or 1992

And here's a classic shot...

...that's Smeer (Melbourne Tattoo Artist) being tattooed by Bebert (seated), watched by Chris (standing).
"Big Richard" (Melbourne Tattoo Artist) is seated watching the work unfold.
And the Tattoo that Bebert created was a Graffiti style cartoon type character of Smeer himself...

Bebert & Chris were Tattoo Artists from France that were doing a World Tour together.
I think this would have been around 1990 or 91 & the both of them did some really amazing work.
This photo was taken at Highline Tattooing in St.Kilda when I was managing the Studio for Dan Robinson Snr. & Smeer was working there too.

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