Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Machine Building...a new phase

While I was hand making all those Frames for Batch 1, an old saying kept constantly repeating in my head...
..."work smarter, not harder"..."work smarter, not harder"...

As much as I enjoy building all those hand made Frames, it's hard work, with each taking over 1 day to complete.
To continue building them this way isn't a viable option, which means I definitely need to work a lot smarter!
My dilemma was to find a smarter way of building Frames that still allowed me the ability to hand make.

Back in 2005, whilst still working as a Jeweller, I decided to venture into the world of CAD/CAM.
I'm pretty much self-taught at doing CAD & my preference is using a program called MoI.
So I started playing around with various Frame ideas in MoI, searching for a possible CAD solution.

Frames made with a Side Plate are the logical starting point & the Paul Rogers "J" Frame is a classic.
So I started modelling how the various sections would fit together using a modified Rogers "J" style design.
Once I had everything looking right, it was time to have the various sections cut in steel using a Laser.

3D view of the new Frame created & modelled using MoI
Here's a quick "photo realistic" render of the CAD model using V-Ray

The following photos show the various stages of the new "smarter" Frame & how I'm still hand making them.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Rights Of Passage 2012...Update

Important Update:
For those following this Blog, I'm sad to report that Eternal Ink will not be attending this years ROP.
This of course means they wont be requiring my assistance with manning the Booth...
...unfortunately this also means I wont be there with those original prototype Machines.

My sincere apologies to anyone that was hoping to catch up with me at the Booth.

I still intend going in on the Sunday to catch up with those Tattoo Artists attending from interstate, that bought some of the Machines from Batch 1.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Rights Of Passage 2012

There's another Tattoo Convention coming to Melbourne in late April called Rights Of Passage.
By all accounts it's sounding like it'll be a great event to attend.
The days, dates & times are:

  • Friday      27th April   1.00pm - 10.00pm 
  • Saturday  28th April  12.00pm - 10.00pm
  • Sunday    29th April  12.00pm - 7.00pm

The guys at Eternal Ink have organised a Booth at ROP & so they'll be tattooing there.
I'll be at their Booth on the Friday to help with the manning of it & again on Sunday for a few hours.
I'll have my original prototype Machines there for anyone that's interested in seeing them close up.
A number of the Tattoo Artist that have purchased my Machines have informed me they'll also be attending.