Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Machine Building...comparing the "Testers"

I mentioned at the end of my last post...
"It'll be very interesting to directly compare just how close the two Machines fitted with Lucky Coils will run."

Well, I asked Justin from Eternal Ink to run some direct comparisons between both Machines...
...the Hugo Lucky Coil Tester & the new Lucky Coil Tester.

The two Thin Armature Machines that are fitted with Lucky Coils, sitting side by side.

Justin has run the Hugo Lucky Coil Tester for quite some time now & is really impressed with it...
Check out some of Justin's work using the "Hugo" Liner here & also here.
He's so impressed with this Thin Armature Machine that he hates having to give it back to me!

So what was the verdict from Justin of this new Lucky Coil Tester..?
..."It's pretty close, you can hardly tell any difference between them."

With that confirmation from Justin, I'll now move onto building all the new Orders using this Frame style.

The Hugo Lucky Coil Tester

The new Lucky Coil Tester

Monday, 14 May 2012

Machine Building...new phase "Testers"

Lots been happening, so my apologies in advance for this being such a looong post.

Continuing with the new phase:
I've been working on those new smarter Fames so that I can get them up & running as a set of "Testers".
I figured that 4 x Frames should be enough to test & make sure that everything goes together & works well.

Choose any color, as long as it's Black:
I also decided to try out a new coating using these particular Frames...it's a Black Oxide finish.
This Black Oxide is a special treatment that only colors ferrous metals, in this case the steel Frames.
And all the welded seams show up as gold because I'm using Bronze, which is a non-ferrous metal.

The Testers will then go to Eternal Ink to be used daily & confirm that everything works as expected.
Once proven, this new style Frame will then replace those earlier "Hugo" Frames that I was making.
And all going well, this new Black Oxide will also replace that Clear coating used previously.

Here's a collection of photos showing the progression of these new Frames into Machines & into Testers.

Frames welded & now awaiting their Quickchanges
Frames fitted with Quickchanges & the new Black Oxide finish
Close up of Frame with Black Oxide finish & the Bronze weld seams
Next the assembly is started, Coils fitted & awaiting wiring

This Frame fitted with a set of Lucky Coils

Coils wired, Capacitors fitted & everything soldered

This Frame fitted with a set of Lucky Coils

Springs & Armatures for 3 x Frames
A special Tester, a Thin Armature Magnum...real Aussie Old School
This Tester, a Big Needle Liner
This Tester with the Lucky Coils, a Thin Armature Liner to directly compare against this one

There's still a bit of work to do on these Testers...one still needs a set of Springs made for it & then they'll each require some shimming & tuning.
It'll be very interesting to directly compare just how close the two Machines fitted with Lucky Coils will run.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Old Tattoo Video...Signatures of the Soul

I follow a number of Tattoo related Blogs...TAM (Tattoo Artists Magazine) is one of them.
TAM just posted about an old video documentary from 1984 called Signatures of the Soul.

From an old Aussie Tattoo Artist perspective:
By 1984, most Aussies had a variety of US Tattoo Magazines available on our local Newsagents shelves.
As young Tattoo Artists, we were all hungry to see what was the latest trends coming out of the States.
All too often, these US Magazines had the same collection of photos of pretty much the same stuff.

So when this video Signatures of the Soul came along, it was a treasure trove of wonderful new ideas for us.
It also had interviews with all those big named Tattoo Artists we'd been constantly reading about.
Most importantly, it had great info about ALL the (then) current styles we were wanting to do or just seeing.
I still have a copy of this (VHS) video & have often wanted access to an updated digital version to watch.

Thanks to NZ On Screen, now everyone can freely watch the full length video.